Winter, 1921.

            It is about the death of a sister and the laborious mourning of her brother. 

Since playing hide and seek with her brother in the forest, she was never found.

   Six months later and the brother is still wandering between hope, madness and despair.

     Moonstein entities decided to come into the real world, to guide him and his sister to                   the acceptation of her death.

this piece takes place in the forest, in a magical setting and raises fondamental questions                        as our relation to death, love, family and mourning. 



We are in 1939 in Moonstein, a mysterious world of the dead.

A woman is dying.

Guided by the moon and shadowed by death, she is driven by a mesmerizing cosmic dance.

through a funeral ritual tracing more than 19OO steps inspired by the rhythm of the moon,

the woman is cradled to her end with all the beauty and hardness that death carries.

This timeless funeral dance awakens the fear of the unknown, the mysteries of the afterlife and the secret place of death and ritual.

Let yourself get carried away by three dancing entities and catch a glimpse of what

dying could be like




creation 2018/2019

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